Aurabeat's air purifier that destroys 99.99% of Covid-19 virus now available in Singapore

PHOTO: Aurabeat Technology

Air purifiers are popular in Singapore - they have been indispensable in dealing with the annual haze season, post-hotpot odours, our durian breath, and are generally helpful in providing cleaner air.

Now, one more air purifier is in the market, and this one can eliminate 99.99 per cent of Covid-19 virus (along with other airborne bacteria) in the air, within 30 minutes.

Hong Kong-based Aurabeat just made their virus-slaying air purification technology available to Singapore with the introduction of the Aurabeat NSP-X1 air purifier.

The device comes with a three-stage disinfection process: AG+ Air Filtration Technology, UV disinfection, and Plasma Sterilisation. It has a coverage area of 40m2, making it ideal for cleaning up the air in a room.

The AG+ Technology by Aurabeat is responsible for the Covid-19 killing properties.

The silver ion air filter breaks down the cell membrane of the virus and destroys its DNA and RNA, making the virus inert. As a filtration technology, it's equally effective against airborne bacteria. Since it's not a HEPA filter, it's 0.3 per cent shy of HEPA-grade filtration.

It's not something Aurabeat is wholly worried about since general HEPA filters lack antiviral properties.

"We are very proud that our technology and products are consistently chosen to help hospitals and governments around the world to protect essential workers and aid businesses in their reopening plans for returning consumers and employees."

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"Our team of R&D experts continues to innovate and will be expanding our technology to protect smaller spaces, elevators, ambulances and hospital bed facilities from Covid-19 by the end of this year," said Roger Szeto, Founder and Chief Scientist of Aurabeat.

Using air purifiers to manage against Covid-19 isn't exactly new - Sharp's Plasmacluster technology for air purifiers can reduce coronavirus concentrations in the air by up to 90 per cent within the first 30 seconds, and have since donated air purifiers with that technology to Singapore hospitals earlier this year.

While LG doesn't explicitly have an anti-Covid technology, they've launched an air purifier mask in August, complete with two H13 HEPA filters, a Respiratory Sensor, and UV LED lights for killing germs.

A filtration technology like Aurabeat's isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility given how people are learning more about the virus's weakness every week.

The Aurabeat NSP-X1 officially retails at $1,099, and it's available on its official retail site. The brand also has an official Lazada platform. Physically, it's also available in-store at the Men's Department of Takashimaya Departmental Store at L3.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.