Avatar: Generations delivers turn-based RPG goodness with familiar faces

PHOTO: Square Enix

While the recent details of one of the upcoming Avatar: The Last Airbender animated movies will have gotten fans’ attention, the love for Aang and the gang is far from over. Square Enix London Mobile, Navigator Games, and Paramount Consumer Products have joined forces and announced the coming of Avatar: Generations, a mobile turn-based RPG that will have its soft launch later in the month.

PHOTO: Square Enix

A free-to-play adventure that will feature turn-based combat, the game will hit the territories of Canada, Denmark, Sweden, and South Africa first, on both iOS and Android devices.

Avatar: Generations will bring back Aang, Sokka, Appa, Momo, and more as players help Aang to fulfil his destiny, at least for the first chapter. The expectation is that there will be more chapters in the future featuring the likes of Korra, Kyoshi, and more.

Players will “journey across the four nations in a living adventure map with puzzle-like exploration. Send parties to each corner of the world to auto-battle, earning tons of valuable resources and upgrades, whilst battling with another party elsewhere.”

PHOTO: Square Enix

As for the combat, players can unleash powerful team combos and Ultimates, with the game using a tactical grid system that yields positional advantages in the right circumstances. A dynamic camera will ensure that all the action is being witnessed in the best manager possible.

Avatar: Generations also features a multi-layered hero and equipment upgrade system. This includes a plethora of unique skills and enchantable gears for each character including equipment, support and relic items, each with various tiers of rarity for tons of possible loadout and party combinations. And at the heart of it is the rich narrative, which will hopefully build upon the strong foundation laid by the show.

Here’s hoping that the soft launch goes well, and that more of the world will soon be able to jump into the adventures that await in Avatar: Generations.

This article was first published in Geek Culture.