Bandai's sold-out Pokemon Gengar plush is now available for pre-order in Singapore

PHOTO: Twitter/Pokeshopper

If you ever dreamed of sleeping on Gengar’s horrifying tongue, rejoice because pre-orders are open for Singapore!

Even with a steep price tag, the plushie, named “Absolutely Wanna Licked by Gengar” was sold out within two hours in Japan after it was unveiled by Premium Bandai last month.

Gengar charms as a decorative soft toy, pillow, and sleeping mat like the iconic Pokémon it was back in the classic 90’s animation. The hybrid plush measures 48 cm tall and 53 cm wide.

The plush takes it to the next level when it unveils its Lick “attack”! Gengar’s tongue rolls out up to 170 cm in length and fans can bury their heads into the mouth.

PHOTO: Twitter/Pokeshopper

Ensuring your tranquil rest is achieved in more than one way, you can choose to have Gengar’s tongue rolled out on your desk for a quick nap, warm yourself up with it as a blanket, or fold it into a soft pillow for that extra cushion. So count yourself covered because nothing feels quite like having your favourite Ghost-type Pokémon “Licking” you to slumber no matter the sleeping style.

PHOTO: p-bandai
PHOTO: p-bandai

With Bandai consistently pushing out these unique Pokémon plushies recently like their previous Metapod sleeping bag, it does make us excited and wonders what Pokémon sleeping antics are they up to next.

The “Absolutely Wanna Licked by Gengar” is currently priced at $376 and is scheduled for delivery in July 2021. The pre-order closes on Monday Feb 15, 2021 at 11.59pm.

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This article was first published in Geek Culture.