Beloved bookstore reopens at Marine Parade Food Centre with classic comics selling for cheap

PHOTO: @sonnyliew / Twitter

The hawker centre and market at Block 84 Marine Parade Central finally reopened earlier this month, and its tenants are slowly returning to the culinary hotspot after several months of closure due to an overhaul.

Amidst the anger and disappointment over the duration of renovations (its completion was delayed by three months, mind you), at least one vendor is bringing smiles to the market’s old regulars.

And he ain’t even selling food.

Award-winning illustrator and writer Sonny Liew was happy to tweet out some good news last Saturday morning: A comics bookstore run by a former market tenant, Mr Low, is now open for business.

Liew remembers the store at Marine Parade Hawker Center as a beloved place where he bought comics as a child.

Even better, the screenshot that Liew shared revealed that Mr Low is still unpacking his treasure trove of “HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE” (emphasis not ours) comic books for sale, including classic runs of Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Batman’s A Death In The Family, and a choice selection of X-Men titles during the Bronze Age of Comic Books (1970-1985).

Screengrab: @sonnyliew / Twitter

It’s unclear if Mr Low knows the true value of his geeky wares, but according to the post, the man’s “practically giving them away” at the very attractive price of $10 per three copies.

Just don’t expect these treasures to be neatly showcased on shelves — Mr Low is sticking to his old-school system of putting them in strung-up plastic wrappers.

Which adds to the experience of course; you’ll never know what gem you’ll find rifling through the display.