Bungie to release new title in 2025, will continue supporting Destiny 2

Bungie to release new title in 2025, will continue supporting Destiny 2

Bungie is planning to launch an entirely new game franchise that is not Destiny in 2025.

The company has been through several major changes over the years, including separating from Activision last year, which saw them take ownership of the entire Destiny franchise.

Although it's unlikely that a third game will be released anytime soon, the firm's CEO Pete Parsons has teased about another franchise in the pipeline, although they are still hoping to "transform" Destiny too.

Vowing to be become "one of the world's best entertainment companies" by 2025, Parsons told IGN: "By 2025 we have a pretty specific path to make sure we transform Destiny and that we have other franchises within the marketplace.

"We need to build our publishing group, but part of our vision is also to become a multi-franchise entertainment company."

Nonetheless, Bungie is continuing to add fixes to Destiny 2. A recent patch introduced a number of welcome changes for fans as the team addressed a range of common complaints.

The most notable feature included a pair of pinnacle weapon quests being made more reasonable, with the requirements changed for the respective Mountaintop and Wendigo GL3 quests.

For the former, it means the necessary number of multi-kills has been reduced from 200 to 75, with the required number of medals going down from 100 to 25.

In addition, there is a further increase to points earned in Competitive relative to other PvP modes.

When it comes to Wendigo GL3, changes include kills from the Grenade Launcher being worth 100% ore for each objective, while final multi-kills with the weapon grant 50% more progress.

Completing Playlist Strikes are also worth a lot now, as doing so grants a significant amount of progress towards the final object — which is no longer impacted by a Death Penalty.

Other areas tackled in the patch are inventory management, while enemies have less health and deal less damage in Reckoning.

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