This bus-driving simulator is basically Snake

PHOTO: Stovetop Studios

The very creatively-named bus simulator, Snakeybus, uses the same fast-reflex mechanics as the beloved Nokia game, Snake.

Remember how hard you worked for that high score? Now try and do the same thing, but with the added stress of taking on passengers.

Drive around five core cities like Miami and Paris as your bus grows longer and longer (just like…real buses, right?) and becomes more difficult to control.

While Snake was minimal (all you had to do was avoid your own butt and eat the food), Snakeybus will require a bit more spatial planning: you’ll be able to jump (just like a real bus) and take shortcuts (totally, my bus does this all the time). If you’re just interested in Snakeybus as a form of stress management, there’s an Endless Play mode, too.

Frankly, we should all be aware of the dangerous menace of our own rear ends. This is how all real buses should work.

The indie game by Stovetop Studios will be available on Steam on May 10.