Unwrapped: Can you replace your laptop with an iPad Pro?

This year, Apple wants you to rethink the laptop — the new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard combo aims to turn the best-selling tablet into a full-on computer. Can it be as good (or better) than a laptop? Find out more!

Posted by AsiaOne on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Can you replace your laptop with an iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard?

Since Apple started producing the Pro versions of its iPad lineup, the holy grail for the tech company has always been this: replace traditional laptops with its powerful tablets. 

Society hasn’t reached that level just yet, but with this year’s iPad Pro and the introduction of a Magic Keyboard, we’re getting closer to the aspiration. 

The new Magic Keyboard — the company’s first original iPad keyboard case — plays a huge part in blurring the lines between its laptops and tablets. It’s a solid piece of hardware, sturdy and hefty enough to become a horizontal iPad stand. 

But more importantly, it’s equipped with all the bells and whistles that bridges the gap between MacBooks and iPads, including a remarkable inbuilt trackpad that supports Multi-Touch gestures. Combined with the latest iPadOS update, users get to take full advantage of the mobile computing experience. 

It’s great and all, but as our Unwrapped host Jarvis Quek found out, it comes with a rather formidable price of entry. Check out what he had to say in his test run of the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard.