Capcom is selling Monster Hunter raw & cooked meat pillows for $166

PHOTO: Capcom

Capcom is now selling Monster Hunter pillows designed after two of its in-game items, the well-done steak and raw meat.

While we give cheer to more cool products from Monster Hunter in real life, we have to draw the line here. These pillows are certainly bloody traumatising to behold and they are likely to appeal only to the truly hardcore fan.

In the Monster Hunter games, you hunt usually huge dinosaur-like monsters out in the wild with equally huge weapons. Raw meat is something you get from hunting endemic lifeforms in the Monster Hunter games, which you can then barbeque to get the well-done steak (when done correctly).

These pillows are modelled after the exact size of the in-game items, which comes out to approximately 890mm in length, 230mm wide, and 170mm in thickness. They are made from polyurethane, which are materials used in car seats, shoes and watch straps. It is pretty safe to use but don’t try to eat them.

But out of so many potential items it could make, from weapons and armours to the pet-like Palicos and other Grimalkynes, we have to wonder – why these two items?

They look monstrously disgusting. And besides the questionable business decision and horrific design choice, the pillows are also terrifying in what you need to pay for them.

16,280 yen. That’s US$120 (S$166).

We farcast-ed out right there. You could get three Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansions at full price on Steam with change to spare for that price. We’ll just satisfy ourselves by eating the steak in the game itself.

But if you are a better fan than we are, you can get these Monster Hunter pillows at Capcom’s online store today, but they will only be shipped from November 2022 onwards.

This article was first published in Geek Culture.