Of circuit breakers and tea cups: Memes from PM Lee's address about stricter Covid-19 measures

PHOTO: Video screengrab

In a sudden address to the nation made earlier this afternoon (April 3), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced a round of new measures that the country is taking to pre-empt escalating coronavirus infections. 

Which isn’t that big of a shocker, considering that the number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore has shot up to over 1,000

PM Lee announced the initiation of a one-month "circuit-breaker" from Apr 7 that will see all schools closed, tighter restrictions on gatherings and movement, as well as the shuttering of work premises. Essential services such as food establishments, markets and supermarkets, clinics, hospitals, utilities, transport and key banking services will remain open throughout the period. 

"The spirit of these measures is to get all of us to minimise physical contact," said the prime minister. "If we don't go out, if we avoid contact with others, then the virus won't be able to spread. It is as simple as that."

But what did the internet take away from his address? The amusing usage of the term “circuit breaker” on top of other inconsequential moments from PM Lee’s speech, like the cup that he took sips from. 

Gotta love the internet. Take a look at some of the memes and quips that have emerged about today’s state address.