Congrats to the winner of our PS4 Starter Pack giveaway!

Congrats to the winner of our PS4 Starter Pack giveaway!

After over a week of receiving amusing submissions from readers for our giveaway contest, we’ve made our decision!

 ’Twas pretty hard, considering that some of you really put in the effort, but in the end, we’re happy to announce that @delaredreuben will be walking away with a PS4 Starter Pack. He's getting Overcooked 2 and Fifa 19 thrown in alongside a PS4 Slim — a bundle worth S$479.

Reuben Soh won us over for (1) setting fire to food; something that happens quite a bit in Overcooked, (2) putting an Asian twist to Salt Bae, and (3) crafting an elaborately nonsensical fanfic that starts off with a Tommy Wiseau reference about why he should score the prize. Hats off to you sir — we’ll be in touch. 


It's not true! I did not overcook it! I did naaaht. Oh hi Mark. The darkness melted away from the sky. The rain stopped. How I had failed to notice for two and a half days a 450-pound Bengal tiger in a lifeboat twenty-six feet long was a conundrum I would have to try to crack later, when I had more energy. The feat surely made Richard Parker the largest stowaway, proportionally speaking, in the history of navigation. From tip of nose to tip of tail he took up over a third of the length of the ship he was on. The pie spontaneously combusts. Fade in. Exterior. Unnamed city. Day. The hustle and bustle is a symphony of progress. We pan past windows, each of which contain a different story, to find Jacey Lakims, 28, hot, but doesn't know it. Jacey stops when her high heel gets caught in the grating of a sewer. Suddenly a man steps into frame and points a gun at her. This is not her day. Fade to black. Title -- 'Three weeks earlier.' Blane: If you try to salt your beehoon like Nusret Gökçe does but with soy sauce... you will ruin it. Jacey reaches out and touches his face. It's clear. He needs what she wants. She's a woman. He's a man. The city burns in the background as he takes her in his arms. Fade out. Title '@Asiaonecom and @PlaystationAsia, I think I should win that PS4 starter bundle.' #PlayEverythingPS4 #PlayStationAsia #asiaonedigital

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Immensely grateful for the win, Reuben mentioned that he now feels connected once again to the gaming world.

“I’m looking forward to finally playing God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us and Spider-Man,” he told AsiaOne, adding that he nearly skipped a console generation because he wasn't able to afford one.

Our thanks to everyone who participated and made us laugh as well! Stay tuned for the next giveaway by AsiaOne’s revamped tech and games section. Check out other highlights from the contest submissions below:


Happy early Father’s Day! I’m the designated potato peeler while Dad does... basically everything else... ?? #Overcooked IRL? . . . . I’m also very excited because it’s PlayStation’s #DaysofPlay! As a huge gamer, I’m really hoping for the PS4 Starter Pack Bundle with the #Overcooked2 game as a Father’s Day gift so that I can introduce the Dad to the world of gaming through his passion for cooking! And as a bonus, we can watch the chaos unfold as our friends and family try to whip up exotic virtual dishes together at our next house party ??. . . . . . @playstationasia @asiaonecom #PlayEverythingPS4 #playstationasia #playstation #AsiaOneDigital #AsiaOne #girlswhogame #gamergirl #overcookedgame

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