Corning announces new Gorilla Glass for mobile device cameras

PHOTO: Pexels

Corning just announced a new category of scratch resistant and durable glass composite products for mobile device cameras.

According to Corning, the Gorilla Glass with DX and DX+ enable professional-grade image capture through advanced optical performance, superior scratch resistance and durability. They are able to capture 98 per cent of light for the camera lens, which will improve the quality of photos and videos.

PHOTO: Corning

“Antireflective coatings have long been used on conventional cameras to improve light capture,” said Jaymin Amin, vice president and general manager, Corning Gorilla Glass.

“However, these coatings have a propensity to scratch easily, negatively impacting image quality. Corning’s Gorilla Glass composites not only provide mobile device camera lens covers with enhanced scratch resistance and durability compared to traditional coatings, but also the improved optical performance required for these devices.”

Corning introduced the Gorilla Glass DX and DX+ for wearables in 2018. They offer better display readability and a higher display contrast ratio. Samsung will be the first customer to adopt the Gorilla Glass DX products for the camera lens covers.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.