Courts launches an air-con subscription plan that’s as cheap as $29 a month

PHOTO: AsiaOne

The scorching Singaporean heat can get pretty insane during the hotter months, and if you live in a house without air-conditioning, we extend our salute to you, trooper. 

But suffer no longer. Homegrown electronics and furniture retailer Courts want everyone to stay chill with no fuss at all with what seems to be Singapore’s first air-conditioner subscription service. Instead of burning a hole in your pocket by plopping down thousands of dollars on an air-conditioning system, the plan simply involves paying from $29 to $99 a month to keep your house cool.

Pricing depends on how many units you want or what kind of air-conditioner brand you prefer. But for that amount of money paid every month, subscribers get a pretty good deal really. Courts will provide and install the air-con units, send technicians to conduct regular cleaning and maintenance, and even throw in unlimited repair services.  

Photo: AsiaOne

The catch here is that the subscription requires a six-year commitment on your Visa or Mastercard credit cards. Courts, however, assured that the monthly deductions won’t wreck your credit card limits like typical instalment payment plans — subscribers won’t get hit by the entire amount upfront. At the end of the six-year plan, the subscription stops and then the air-con units are well and truly yours.