Creative dad constructs Death Stranding-inspired safety pod to take his kid out

PHOTO: Screengrab/South China Morning Post

According to some old fart who lived many years ago (probably), it's said that "creativity never sleeps"...unlike this baby here, who's sleeping soundly in a "safety pod" his father created to take him out amid the coronavirus outbreak in Shanghai, China.

When you'd do anything to keep your baby safe in China amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Posted by South China Morning Post onĀ Monday, March 23, 2020

Basically, this amazingly creative dad named Cao Junjie was wondering how to take his kid out for walks with the virus running amok as it is.

Regular masks weren't exactly an option, since babies' respiratory systems tend to be weaker and might not be able to cope. But Cao was a gamer, and after playing Hideo Kojima's post-apocalyptic title Death Stranding, he was inspired to try and design this little "safety pod" for his kid.

PHOTO: Kojima Productions

Of course, the device doesn't just look cool - it's full of nifty inclusions as well.

For example, there's a glove which extends inside the cabin, allowing him to comfort his baby from the outside if needed, a filtered breathing machine (complete with a display!) to ensure only clean air reaches the child and of course, a medley of straps to safely secure it to Cao himself. There's even a biohazard symbol to round it all off!

Now that's called travelling in style.

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