Declare your love for BBT with an emoji: Apple to release 117 new emojis in next iOS update

PHOTO: Apple

The next time you want to ask your friends if they want to get a cup of bubble tea, you may no longer need to type it out.

An emoji will be enough to convey your intent with the upcoming addition to Apple's emoji library. Yes, there will be a bubble tea emoji. 

To commemorate World Emoji Day today (July 17), Apple unveiled the new emojis that will be available on its devices – 117 emojis to be exact.

And the tech giant has included the classic milk tea beverage as part of its update, with pearls and all.

Other emojis you can expect from the previously approved list for the update include a boomerang, dodo bird, Russian nesting dolls, a ninja and pinched fingers. 

PHOTO: Apple

Anyone else getting "one does not simply" meme vibes?

Also in the list of upcoming emojis are a smiling face with tear, disguised face and people hugging.

Part of the release includes updating existing emojis to be more inclusive, with a diverse set of skin tones and different gender identities.

PHOTO: Apple

While there have been calls to update the current mask-wearing emoji, which portrays a sick-looking face, it may not be so soon.

The reason being, it takes up to two years for new emoji proposals to arrive on phones, according to Emojipedia.

However, you can always turn to Memoji updates, which features different types and colours of face masks in the iOS messaging app. How apt, given that mask wearing is now part of our everyday routine. 

PHOTO: Apple

Set to be released later this year, the new emojis should be available to users in the iOS14 software update for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.