DIY smart door lock, yay or nay? I revamped my door lock without professional help and here's my verdict on whether it's worth the effort

DIY smart door lock, yay or nay? I revamped my door lock without professional help and here's my verdict on whether it's worth the effort
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Having heard my friends rave about the life-changing benefits of a smart door lock - enhanced security and convenience, just to name a few - I became intrigued and decided to replace my traditional lock with a smart one.

Despite having limited expertise in DIY or technical tasks, I took on the challenge of installing Aqara's U100 Lock without professional assistance.

My motivations were twofold: saving money on installation costs and the excitement of starting a new hands-on project.

Wondering if the DIY approach is worth a shot? Here's what I learned from my experience of installing a smart lock myself.

Seamless installation process

To my surprise, the installation of Aqara's U100 Lock turned out to be a straightforward task - even for someone with zero technical expertise.

Unlike other locks that are usually only compatible with mortise locks, the U100 Lock is compatible with single-cylinder deadbolt locks and offers greater versatility.

Powered by batteries, it also eliminates the need for complicated wiring or additional installations.

What's more, Aqara's thoughtful design even includes emergency charging with a power bank. This means I can easily have a backup in case the batteries run flat.

With just a few simple steps, I successfully replaced my traditional door lock with a smart one.

Unlocking methods and smart home integration

In addition to its smart features, the U100 Lock boasts durability which can withstand various weather conditions.

Whether it's using a fingerprint, inputting a passcode, or using one of the mobile apps (e.g. the manufacturer's own Aqara Home app, Apple Home, Google Home, Alexa, etc.), the U100 Lock ensures that I'll always have a way to enter my home. I no longer worry about a dead phone battery, lost keys, or even losing all of my fingers (just kidding).

As an Apple user, I'm particularly impressed by how easy it is to use a home key in my Apple Wallet to enter my home. The U100 Lock unlocks when I place my iPhone or Apple Watch onto it, which is handy when I have my hands full with groceries.

Furthermore, the lock seamlessly integrates with my smart home system, enabling automation triggered by my entry into the home.

In other words, I can now conveniently walk into a well-lit and perfectly temperature-controlled space - without even having to lift a finger.

Impressive durability, security and convenience

The U100 Lock instantly blew me away with its diverse unlocking methods, catering to my different preferences and needs.

As my home's entrance is often exposed to heavy rain and corridor washing services, I was worried about the lock's ability to endure such conditions.

To my delight, I discovered that the U100 Lock has an IP65 waterproof rating, exceeding the industry standard of splash-proofing. This exceptional level of protection ensures reliable performance that can stand against even the heaviest of rain. The lock also withstands extreme heat (up to 66 degrees Celsius) and cold.

Furthermore, the U100 Lock enhances both the convenience and the security of my home. It provides real-time lock activity notifications, ensuring I stay informed about door activity even when I'm away.

The auto-lock feature automatically secures the door, eliminating the need to worry about forgetting to lock it.

The U100 Lock also allows me to grant temporary access to visitors and service providers by creating one-time passwords. This has proven especially useful when the part-time helper or dog walker has to come over and no one is home to grant them access.

Not to mention, pairing it with the G4 doorbell allows me to unlock the door from its live feed, simplifying guest access.

If you thought that it can't get any more convenient than this, with voice assistant compatibility, I can easily ask my voice assistant to unlock the door when I am busy. 

I found peace of mind knowing that my investment in the U100 Lock is secure, convenient and built to last.

Locking it down with a smart lock

My overall verdict from revamping my door lock?


Not only was it more straightforward than I thought, but I've also been thoroughly enjoying the added convenience and security of using a smart door lock.

And because of how easy it was to do it myself, I am now considering taking on more such DIY smart home projects.

If you're also toying with the idea of replacing your traditional lock with a smart one, the Aqara U100 Lock may just be the lock for you.

Find out more and shop the Aqara U100 Lock on Shopee or Lazada today.

The article is brought to you in partnership with Aqara.

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