EA reveals the gameplay improvements coming to their upcoming FIFA 20 title

EA Sports has revealed some key improvements for FIFA 20 even before the game was announced.

The company is yet to actually confirm the next instalment in the franchise — which was first launched as FIFA International Soccer in 1993 and became an annual entry two years later — but it has already given fans some idea of what they'll be changing this time around.

In a blog post, EA wrote: "As we get closer to EA PLAY and upcoming product announcements, we wanted to provide an update on FIFA's gameplay and shed some light on gameplay fundamentals we aim to improve on FIFA throughout the next product lifecycle.

"We've been listening to your feedback throughout the year, and wanted to address some of the areas that you've asked us about across channels, and why continued gameplay changes weren't addressed in the past few patches."

The main piece of news detailed in the blog is the improvements made to AI defending, with the systems being renewed in terms of positioning and adjustment "to the cadence and flow on the pitch". 

It added: "Manual defending will be emphasised and result in more rewarding results for those who do so."

A whole lot of features were detailed, including changes set for 1v1 shooting consistency, volley crossing and shooting, timed finishing, set piece positioning, chained skill moves, passing, manual goalkeeper movement and player switching.

Explaining why these alternating haven't been patched into FIFA 19, EA said: "Although we always make an effort to deliver a refined gameplay system, there are certain changes that become more difficult to address mid-cycle."