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Evil triumphs as Diablo IV follows GTA VI with gameplay leak

Evil triumphs as Diablo IV follows GTA VI with gameplay leak
PHOTO: Facebook/DiabloSEA

The leaks continue to come in the gaming industry, with Grand Theft Auto VI being the unfortunate first one to kick it all off. Now, we can add Blizzard's upcoming Diablo IV to the leak list, with early gameplay footage now appearing online as well.

As reported by PC Gamer, the news comes via Reddit, where user iV1rus0 spotted two videos that were uploaded online. One was about five minutes, while the other was more substantial at around 38 minutes long, with both showing what appears to be a test build of the game.

The sheer amount of watermarking, together with untextured objects in the game, reflects the early state of things. That said, it was still quite impressive to see the Barbarian character moving across the world of Diablo IV and engaging in some meaty combat, thanks to the leak.

The open world of Diablo IV has been one of the more highly anticipated features, and seeing it in action, even at this early stage, bodes well for the rest of the game. It is likely we will get both a huge and bustling world full of things to do and monsters to kill, and that is always a good thing if you are hoping to spend hours and hours in the game.

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For now, Blizzard has not addressed this leak for Diablo IV, but that will likely not be the case for long. The way the footage was recorded, it should make it quite easy for the company to identify exactly where the leak originated from, and who is responsible.

In the meantime, we will have to wait until 2023 for our chance to slay demons in Diablo IV, and we can expect to learn more in the coming months, beyond what has already been shared earlier.


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