Facebook app leaks Meta's potential rival to Apple Watch

Facebook app leaks Meta's potential rival to Apple Watch
The leaked smartwatch on the Facebook View app, as spotted by Twitter user @SteveMoser.
PHOTO: Twitter/@SteveMoser

If you haven't heard, Facebook has rebranded itself as Meta.

But the company isn't going to give us the time to digest that news, since there's a new, exciting leak that hints at a possible smartwatch product by the brand (image above).

According to Bloomberg, Meta's Facebook View app for controlling smart Ray-Bans leaked an image of an unnamed smartwatch. The image was first spotted by @SteveMoser on Twitter.

Besides looking quite similar to an Apple Watch, the unnamed smartwatch features detachable straps, and a front-facing camera akin to a smartphone's - possibly for video calling needs.

The Twitter user who spotted this leak also said that the watch's case appears to be made from stainless steel.

The leak coincides with Meta's rebranding, as the effort was to highlight its journey towards an AR/VR-focused brand.

Previous leaks about Meta's possible smartwatch also hinted at the device being Android-based, with a possible launch date in 2022.

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