Facebook Horizon pushes into VR, powered by Oculus

Facebook Horizon pushes into VR, powered by Oculus
PHOTO: Facebook/FacebookHorizon

If you love VRChat you will sure to love this new social VR world powered by Oculus. Facebook Horizon expands your social networking experience through a flourishing VR community.

Hanging out with friends, playing games and sharing memes are merely the tip of what social media can offer.

Horizon further expands your virtual world through VR, where you can explore interesting communities, play action-packed games and even create art.


For those who are interested, there is an invite-only beta community up and running. You can try signing up in order to gain early access and start meeting new friends there.

Equipped with a bunch of intuitive tools, Facebook Horizon will enable you to build colourful worlds of your own. It takes interconnectedness to the next level with new places that can be discovered via magic-like portals called telepods.

And if you love flying but are stuck at home, the platform remedies that with a multiplayer aerial experience.

Online communities are great for catching up with friends and even meeting new ones. And with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, human connection has been forced to evolve and go virtual.

Facebook Horizon’s VR community offers people a chance to break down the walls of mediated interactions and connect on a more intimate level for a greater interactive experience.

This article was first published in Geek Culture.

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