Feed on this: How to style your Instagram feed effortlessly like a K-pop star

PHOTO: Instagram/sooyaa__

Ever looked at your favourite influencer's instagram and aspired to have a manicured feed like theirs?

With stars like Jisoo from K-pop girl group Blackpink gaining attention for her simple yet aesthetically pleasing feed, we are left wondering, "how did they do that?"

Here are some simple ways you can tidy up your Instagram feed like your favourite celebrities.

K-pop solo artiste Sunmi's nicely curated Instagram feed.Photo: Instagram


Got too excited and posted a busload of photos from your family trip years back? We all know that feeling.

If you're the sentimental sort, a nice tip is to use Instagram's archive function to store your photos and videos.

It declutters your feed with just a click of a button. To archive a post, press the 3 dots found at the top right of your post and select 'Archive'.

Photo: Instagram

Unlike deleting, by archiving your posts, the post will disappear from your Instagram feed but appear in a folder only visible to you.


While heavy filters were a trend among users when Instagram first came out, it seems like less is more when it comes to Instagram royalty, Kylie Jenner.

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Catching that golden glow is not an outdoor task with camera apps like Snow and SODA, who are your best friends when it comes to colouring and highlighting your photos.

Instead of going all out on effects, these apps have filters that simply give that slightly edited feel to make your photo stand out.

Before (L) and after (R) with Snow camera.
Photo: AsiaOne

Apps like Huji are also popular amongst celebrity's feeds for its film camera filters.

Mimicking a disposable film camera, it turns photos into stills from the year 1998.


While the premium version allows users to import photos from the gallery, the free version does not, so make sure you capture the moment!


After sorting out your photos and filters, it's important to stick to a theme in your feed. Or if you can't stick to a whole feed, try doing it three photos at a time.

It can be something simple -- from wearing something blue for all three posts, or posting three different posts from the same event.

Check out the girls from Blackpink who love curating their posts according to themes!

Photo: Instagram/sooyaa__
Photo: Instagram/roses_are_rosie

Sticking to these tips won't guarantee that you'd be Singapore's next top influencer, but it will sure keep your feed neat.

Let us know what other tips you have!