Filipino man goes viral for walking down Tokyo's 'Sibuyas' Crossing with an onion

To properly tick Tokyo off the holiday bucket list, one would have to already cross the world-famous intersection, Shibuya Crossing.

For the uninitiated, Shibuya Crossing is one of Tokyo's busiest landmark, with numerous pedestrians scrambling across from all directions right outside the city's Shibuya Station. You could call it Japan's own Times Square.

On his first trip to Japan, 31-year-old Filipino entrepreneur Reece Hugo took on the crosswalk with a fun little twist from back home. 

In a clip of his walkthrough on Facebook on Friday (Nov 15), Hugo making his way through the crowd with an onion in his hand. 

Why an onion? Because the tagalog word for onion is "sibuyas". Get it? Sibuyas, Shibuya. 

Elaborating on his punny stunt, Hugo told Coconuts Manila that he had found the whole idea of "both Shibuya and Sibuyas having similar pronunciation" hilarious.

Especially when the famed crosswalk would then be "literally the onion crossing," he added on.

The Japanese pedestrians could be seen paying no attention to his bizarre antics, but "some people were avoiding (him)," Coconuts Manila quoted the man.

The clip has since been viewed over 230,000 times, spicing up the dull days of the netizens.

Filipino netizens have been thoroughly amused by his amusing antics, while several others just couldn't wait to give it a try themselves.

PHOTO: Facebook/Reece Hugo
"Rosemarie Bool: When we come here, let's do this" PHOTO: Facebook/Reece Hugo

Others lamented how bummed they were at not being able to come up with such a grand idea.

"Gani Triste: John Joseph Elecho Rivera Why didn't I think of this" PHOTO: Facebook/Reece Hugo
PHOTO: Facebook/Reece Hugo

It definitely wouldn't hurt to have fun along the way. Or at the very least, it sure didn't stop Hugo from continuing his shenanigans along Sibuyas Shibuya Crossing.