Fowl play: Wild peacock attacks innocent vehicle in Singapore car park after seeing its own reflection

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Motorist Singapore

An innocent Hyundai sedan was violated by a gorgeously-feathered thug of a bird for simply being too clean and shiny. 

The unfortunate car owner would now have the strange task of telling a mechanic that the numerous scratches on the vehicle’s body were due to a wild, aggressive peacock that didn’t know any better. 

The incident was captured on camera and shared on the Motorist Singapore Facebook page last Saturday (Oct 17), though it’s unclear where exactly it happened. There aren’t a lot of places in Singapore that are known for randy wild peacocks roaming around, so it’s likely that the footage was taken somewhere in Sentosa, where a population of peafowl are part of the wildlife. 

In any case, the reflective paintwork of the car must have given the peacock the impression that it was another alpha peacock, and the bird ended up attacking the reflection. The result? A badly scratched car body that would cost a chunk of change to fix. 

Here’s the aftermath of the fowl attack. 

PHOTO: Facebok/Motorist Singapore

While the car owner may not find the humour in the episode, netizens can’t help having a laugh at the whole thing. 

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

Peacocks attacking cars is more common than you might think. As far back as 2009, folks have faced fiercely territorial peacocks leaving scratches on their vehicles parked in various open-air car parks in Sentosa. 

The same phenomenon happens abroad as well. Feral peacocks have been ruffling feathers in British Columbia, Canada by attacking luxury cars after seeing their own reflections.