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A fully kitted out Mac Studio will cost $11,899

A fully kitted out Mac Studio will cost $11,899
PHOTO: Apple

The Mac Studio is Apple's answer to developers who want even more powerful than a MacBook Pro with an M1 Max processor or a fully-decked out Mac Pro.

In its ultimate form, the Mac Studio can be ordered with Apple's new flagship M1 Ultra chip and 128GB of memory and a maximum of 8TB of SSD storage.

As you'd expect, that kind of performance won't come cheap. Prices of a Mac Studio with an M1 Ultra chip will start at $5,899.

However, that comes with an M1 Ultra chip that has 48 GPU cores instead of the full 64. If you want the full-fat M1 Ultra, that is going to cost you an extra $1,500.

128GB of memory is an option too and that's an additional $1,200. And for 8TB of storage, you are looking at an extra of $3,300.

All in, a fully decked out Mac Studio is going to burn a $11,899 size hole in your pocket.

It's pricey for sure, but remember, this is a system for professionals who demand the ultimate in performance. For most folks who are only going to browse the web, reply to emails, edit spreadsheets, and perhaps edit the occasional video, a regular Mac with an M1 chip is more than enough. 

Heck, even a 14-inch MacBook Pro, an M1 Max is overkill for the majority of users. And to put that price tag in perspective, consider that a fully decked out Mac Pro is over $70,000.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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