In future Singapore, Juggalo makeup could 'siam' facial-recognition tech

PHOTO: Insane Clown Posse / Facebook

In a world where facial recognition tech is installed in everything except the kitchen sink (damn it, they’ve done that too), being an Insane Clown Posse aficionado might protect you from the growing threat to privacy. 

As it turns out, one tangible benefit of donning the clown face paint like a member of an FBI-identified criminal street gang is that the authorities won’t be able to track you. Though to be fair, not all Juggalos and Juggallettes (diehard fans of ICP) are gangsters — they just really like the horrorcore hip hop duo enough to smear the iconic black-and-white makeup on their faces. 

A Twitter user who goes by the handle of @Tahkion made the startling discovery earlier this month, dishing out some pretty elaborate explanations on how facial recognition software works and how Juggalo makeup totally thwarts surveillance tech.

It all boils down to the process of detecting jawlines to identify an individual. Juggalo makeup, says @Tahkion, is “particularly effective” due to the blocky black shapes that distort the contrasts of a face, thereby making it tougher for the software to pick up for analysis. The configuration of Juggalo makeup fools facial recognition algorithms even better than other black-and-white guises like black metal corpse paint or the ones donned by KISS. 

But as Fast Company pointed out, facial recognition software works in various ways. Apple’s Face ID, for example, utilises depth perception instead of contrast, so that would mean that Juggalos and Juggalettes with iPhones can unlock their devices without any issue.

Surveillance tech shouldn't be too unfamiliar in Singapore too, where facial-recognition tools are being rolled out in places like Changi Prison, Changi Airport, and even lamp posts across the country. Indispensable methods to deter crimes and prevent terror attacks, the government says

Garish face paint is an option, but we imagine having the Juggalo make-up on will garner way more unnecessary attention IRL, so there’s that. Whoop whoop

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