This game lets you be cats solving the mystery of why humans disappeared

Everyone loves cats! If not, good day (and how dare you). 

In any case, the best kind of video games is the ones that let you live your best life, and what’s better than being a cat? To be precise, nine cats that have to solve the mystery of their human companions disappearing from the face of the Earth. 

That’s the exact premise of Peace Island, an open-world adventure game that’s currently being developed. Creator Eric Blumrich launched a semi-successful crowdfunding campaign for his project on Kickstarter last year and has since moved on to Patreon to receive monthly monetary contributions. Making a video game is hard work, guys, and money undoubtedly helps.

Anyway, more on Peace Island’s plot. Blumrich describes the game as a non-violent interactive story that will focus on “discovery, atmosphere, and exploration” instead of combat. In other words, it’ll be one of those walking simulators (a la Gone Home, Firewatch and Dear Esther). But with a twist — you’ll be splooting around the environment on wee chonky paws. 

Players will take on the roles of nine house cats that have to go sleuthing together after waking up to find their human owners (all humans, really) gone from an island of Maine. Each of these feisty felines has a name (Boy, Gary, Calinaigh, Anin, Girl, Zack, Ronan, Sushi, Elizabeth, if you must know)! And unique personalities! And specific skill sets! And do zoomies! And butt-wiggling before pouncing! 

With the help of a crack team of developers (including alumni of the acclaimed likes of Prune and GTA V), Blumrich promises divergent storylines, realistic weather, day-night cycles, and interactive surroundings. All of which will contribute to the ultimate question and the decision the cats have to make: Are the humans worth saving? The answer is most probably always no, but don’t let our cynical hearts change your mind. 

The Patreon campaign for Peace Island is only live for a limited time and the game should be released on PC and Mac sometime next year. Contributors get early access, of course. Find out more about the purr-fect game here