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Garmin's new software update brings health monitoring and interface enhancements

Garmin's new software update brings health monitoring and interface enhancements
PHOTO: Garmin

Garmin just announced its latest software updates for the Fenix 7, Fenix 6, Instinct 2, Forerunner 945/745/245 Music, Venu 2, Venu 2 Plus, and Vivomove Sport series.

In the aspect of health monitoring, users can see improved on-device sleep detection and sleep staging with new combined restlessness score and graph.

The intensity minutes widget is updated to allow users to gauge their intensity minutes every day. A fitness age display can be found in the user profile settings.

There are also new breathwork activity, respiration rate data field, respiration widget and body battery algorithm update for the Instinct 2 series.

For safety features, the incident detection recognition is enhanced across different activities such as walking, hiking and general use.

This feature is available on selected models. Users can also share a message with their live location with preselected contacts or pre-designate an emergency contact for their watch to call for assistance.

For users who lead active lifestyles, the software update adds new activities such as horseback riding, tennis, jump rope for certain models.

Green Contours is supported in Golf Activity to allow the user to see the slope direction of the green on selected courses from the watch.

The algorithm is also improved to detect stops during activities, and included run/walk/standing detection to the activity summary page for running sports.

The user interface is refined to allow users to edit settings in Garmin Connect app across the Outdoor models, and has additional metrics in post-activity summary to show acclimation, pace, detailed speed, bouldering metrics, strength metrics, and indoor climbing metrics.

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