Google to auto-enrol 150 million users in two-step verification by Dec 31

PHOTO: Google

Earlier this year, Google announced it will make two-step verification (2SV) compulsory for users. Now, it is ramping up efforts to protect more users.

In a blog post, Google shared that it plans to auto-enrol an additional 150 million users in 2SV and require two million YouTube creators.

As the company recognises that 2SV may not be suitable for everyone, it will only be auto-enroling Google accounts that have the proper backup mechanisms.

Google is also working on technologies that provide a convenient, secure authentication experience and minimise the reliance on passwords in the long term.

iOS users can soon generate passwords for any app via Chrome's built-in Password Manager.

In addition, a new feature will be rolling out soon for users to access all the saved passwords in the Google Password Manager right from the Google app menu.

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This article was first published in Hardware Zone.