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Google Chrome now gives out badges to extensions that respect user privacy

Google Chrome now gives out badges to extensions that respect user privacy
PHOTO: Google

Starting today, Google Chrome will be giving out little badges for Chrome extensions that meet Google's guidelines on safer use. 

As shared in Google's blog post here, extensions found inside the Chrome Web Store may come with a Featured badge.

It shows that the extension follows best practice guidelines for designing an intuitive extension for users that respects user privacy, and making sure its store listing page has clear descriptions and images for users to refer to.

A separate Established Publisher badge shows that the publisher's identity has been verified.

At the same time, it also indicates how the publisher has a positive track record in complying with Google's Developer Program Policy.

While it's not explicitly stated in the blog post, these badges are meant to help users decide if a Google Chrome extension is safer or better for use. In essence, it also provides some visual cues to the legitimacy of the publisher (e.g. getting the correct add-on instead of imitation ones).

Publishers can also learn more about getting these badges and Chrome's extension discovery process here.

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This article was first published in hardwarezone.

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