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The Google Nest Mini will totally sleigh at Christmas parties

Just one more sleep to Christmas, and if the excitement of ripping open presents tomorrow is keeping you up late, know that you’ve got a friend in the Google Nest Mini. 

In a buddy comedy of sorts, Timo takes the virtual assistant for a spin at how it could entertain friends and family during your Christmas party. And yes, he did ask if it wanted to build a snowman. 

Before you ask, Google’s latest smart speaker does more than just party tricks. You can ask Google Assistant to play music, control TVs and lights, add things to a shopping list, or find out what appointments you have on your calendar.

Heck, by saying “Good morning” to your Google smart speaker, it can read out the day’s weather forecast, play the news, turn on the coffee machine, and even announce what appointments you have arranged for that day. Yes, the future is now!

In any case, find out what the Google Nest Mini has to say to Timo when it comes to yuletide jollifications. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year, folks.

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