Have a happy National Video Games Day, which is apparently today

Welcome to the modern age, where anything and everything can be honoured with a special day. 

In tribute to make-believe holidays that we aren't aware of until Twitter brings it up, here's one that's relevant as heck. As I write this, today is National Videogames Day! Apparently!

Not to be confused with the various incarnations of National Video Games Day taking place across the year, today's commemoration to our essential activity is the one that's widely accepted across the Twitterverse. Sadly, it's not a reason to ditch work to jump into some Gears 5 matchmaking today.

Some context, first. The first tweet which apparently started the #videogameday trend was posted way back in 2009, per Kotaku

Sad to say, it didn't quite catch on.

Even so, that had not been the first mention of the alleged national day. Video game historian Frank Cifaldi published an article in which he wrote about discovering that National Video Games Day had been listed on July 8 in the 1991 edition of Chase Bank's calendar of events.

This had been attributed to David Earle, who was the president of an organisation called Kid Video Warriors. Since no one knows who David Earle is and Kid Vid Warriors was never documented, much of the National Video Games Day remains a mystery.

Not that it matters. Right now, it might just an excuse for gamers to express their deep love for video games.

Also, for corporate entities to hop on the #NationalVideoGamesDay trend.

If you have been running low on excuses to bank in the hours into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne or Borderlands 3, today would be a good time disregard everything else and just hunker down to game.