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Here are 2 new ways to find BB Loh, Bao Bao and other Google Pay Huat Pals

Here are 2 new ways to find BB Loh, Bao Bao and other Google Pay Huat Pals
PHOTO: Google Pay

There is one more week left for users to collect all of the Huat Pals on Google Pay! We have mentioned how you can collect the Huat Pals along with their respective rarity levels before.

While those methods can help you collect many Huat Pals, the rare Bao Bao is likely still elusive for many. But there’s good news because Google is introducing two new game features to help find Bao Bao.

Huat Twins

Starting from Feb 5, some users will see the Huat Twins pop up, which will allow users to swap their Reddy pals for a Bao Bao. Make sure to make the swap when you see the Huat Twins though, because they’ll only appear for a limited time! For those who want to save their Huat Twins until later, you’ll have to click on Tiggy and hope they’re still there later.

Daily Riddles

From now till Feb 15 when the campaign ends, you can win Huat Pals by answering daily riddles on Google Pay.

Other than the new features, you can still get Huat Pals using the following methods:

  • Pay businesses, order food, movie tickets, and more (Get one pal when you pay a business with a minimum of $5 spending)
  • Complete a referral (Invite a friend and they make their first qualifying payment using your referral link)
  • Gift pals to friends (Get one pal per unique friend you gift once they claim)

The power moves are also still available for users to earn bonus characters:

  • Make five FavePay transactions
  • Make five PayNow QR or UEN payments to businesses
  • Make your first dine-in order
  • Make your first & tap transaction

Good luck!

The Google Pay app is available on both the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

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