This high-end racing simulator rig built by a Singaporean hobbyist can be yours for just $30k

This high-end racing simulator rig built by a Singaporean hobbyist can be yours for just $30k
PHOTO: Facebook / Geoff Ang

The hottest Christmas present any geek can get this year is none other than a Sony air purifier PlayStation 5, but with the console sold out across the globe, you’re out of luck.

What folks in Singapore can get your hands on, however, is this one-of-a-kind, top-of-the-line gaming rig for racing enthusiasts. If you’ve got a spare $30,000 at hand, that is.

Singaporean photographer and director Geoff Ang took to Facebook on Nov 27 to (reluctantly) sell off a racing simulator that he slowly built and upgraded over the course of two years.

The whole set-up is undeniably impressive. According to Ang, it’s an advanced enough motion simulator rig that’s akin to the machines that professional racers use for training. Pictures of the set-up showcase how serious it is, with the inclusion of driver’s bucket-seat, steering wheel, pedals, wind simulators, a widescreen curved monitor, speakers and many other implements for an excruciatingly immersive driving simulation. A high-end PC is needed to run it all smoothly, and that comes in the package as well.

The most impressive part of the whole thing is the D-Box motion-tech system that accurately replicates the feel of a moving car. As D-Box claims, its tech is the “ultimate in racing simulation through precision and realism”. In other words, you can really feel the bumps and rumbles when your in-game car careens off the road.

Then, of course, there’s the last piece of the puzzle for extreme immersion: Ang’s virtual reality goggle.

“It's really an amazing hobby that has brought me tons of joy, escaping every day into this virtual world during this pandemic has been such a comfort!” Ang wrote of his machine.

Unfortunately, plans to relocate would mean that he would have to sell it off. A pity, really, as he had progressively upgraded the entire contraption from a simple PlayStation 4 set-up to the majestic beast it is right now.


It’ll cost a cool $30,000 for the complete racing simulator rig, but for those on a budget, it’s $18,000 without the motion-tech system. The reception to his Facebook post has been pretty massive (2,400 shares as of writing) so it should be soon enough that someone with the means will be able to take it off Ang’s hands.


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