How to install Clockology on your Apple Watch Series 7 to unlock unlimited faces

PHOTO: Geek Culture

If you're bored of the default watch faces (despite having the new Contour and Portraits options) on your shiny new Apple Watch Series 7, and want to unlock the endless options made possible by the free Clockology app.

The only small downside at the moment is that all existing clock faces will need to be updated and reworked to fit the new, slightly larger screen size, so you have to wait a bit to tap onto that larger real estate.

As can be seen with this Squid Game themed watch face below, it is immediatgeeely noticeable that it doesn't run all the way to the edges of the screen as intended, and there is no auto upscaling.

Squid Game watch face.
PHOTO: Geek Culture 

However, this minor issue is not noticeable if the watch face design is black around the edges as seen with the Star Wars themed watch face below.

Star Wars watch face.
PHOTO: Geek Culture 

This guide is for iPhones running on iOS 15.1 and watchOS 8.0.1. Here are the steps you'll need to get started right away:

1. Head to the App Store and download the Clockology app.

2. After downloading the app to your iPhone, you should see it appear on your Apple Watch automatically. If it doesn't head to your Apple Watch app and scroll down to Clockology and make sure the Show App on Apple Watch is enabled.

3. Next, you'll need to open up your web browser on your iPhone and download a EnableBeta file. Once it is downloaded, hit the downloaded file and it will open up your Clockology app.

Now you should see a big pink circle watch face with the word Beta in the centre. Tap and hold your finger on it, and select Watch Sync. Then click on the orange Sync button.

4. Power off your Apple Watch. and power it back on. Open the Clockology app on your watch. You should see the pink circle watch face with the word Beta. Now you're ready to install your custom watch faces.

5. Head to Browse, and type Clockology in the search bar. You should then see an Example Clocks folder with 115 items. These are a bunch of watch faces you can sync to your watch.

To load up any desired watch face to your watch, simply hold down on the watch face and select the Watch Sync option.

6. For every watch face sync, be sure to deselect the Replace Clocks option. This way, you can swipe left or right on your Apple Watch to switch between synced watch faces anytime.

7. If you are facing intermittent issues getting the watch face to display, there are some settings you can tinker on the Apple Watch app to rectify it.

Within the app, head to General and scroll down to Return to Clock and change the setting to either After two minutes or After one hour. Then head to Display & Brightness and scroll down to Wake Duration and set it to Wake for 70 Seconds.

8. And you're all set! If you have questions about whether Clockology will drain your watch battery, this FAQ should help.

This article was first published in Geek Culture.