How a local fishmonger started selling his catches of the day on Facebook Live

Modern problems require modern solutions. Even haggling over the prices of the fresh catches of the day has gone online, with a Singaporean fishmonger finding an audience on Facebook Live to sell his fishy wares.

In a new video put out by Our Grandfather Story, Max Kee of Lian Huat Seafood is featured as a moderniser of traditions thanks to his unorthodox method of digitising his wet market stall. 

Which works out pretty great for customers who may not be willing to head all the way down to Jurong Fishery Port to bargain with him over wholesale prices of stingrays and squids. Typically, Max would kick off his live-streamed shopping videos close to 10pm and run it for a few hours to plug his seafood supplies. 

In his raspy tone, he’d chat with viewers and answer their queries while also suggesting some ways the fish can be cooked (pomfrets are nice when stewed with tomatoes, for example). Customers could even get their orders delivered to their doorstep, with free delivery offered for purchases over $60. 

It’s been quite a learning process too for the fishmonger, who mentioned to Our Grandfather Story that he performed pretty badly in his first-ever live stream video. It’s been seven months since he started, and now Lian Huat Seafood garners as much as 16,000 views in one stream. Find out more about his fishy tale in the short flick.