Huawei barred from using microSD cards or having SD card slots in their future devices

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Huawei’s luck continues to remain in the doldrums with the Chinese tech giant now officially stripped of its membership in the SD Association. 

Being barred from the organization that controls the standards of SD products means that Huawei will no longer have the official go-ahead to produce devices that can use microSD cards, or even have SD card slots. Which are pretty important for the whole expandable memory feature. 

Android Authority found out from SD Association that the decision to drop Huawei was made to comply with the United States government blacklist — the executive order made by the Trump administration that has seen the likes of Google, Intel and more cutting all ties with the Chinese company. 

Much like the Android operating system and Google Play updates, MicroSD and SD cards will continue to work on existing Huawei devices. Going forward though, the company’s future phones, tablets and laptops might not be able to use them. 

But it might not be a heavy blow to Huawei, considering that it has been moving away from using SD cards for a couple of years now. Huawei has been producing its own proprietary next-gen storage card called the Nano Memory — a much smaller memory card that holds up to 256GB of data. The only drawback being that it only works on select Huawei phones with dual-Nano SIM card trays.

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