Huawei's new Super Device feature will let its products work more closely and seamlessly with one another

Huawei's new Super Device feature will let its products work more closely and seamlessly with one another
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With the prevalence of different technologies like notebooks, tablets and phones in our lives, companies are attempting to seamlessly connect their products for ease of use. Huawei's Super Device, unveiled in its Smart Office launch stream for the Mobile World Congress, is the company's take on bringing together its own products.

To be exact, though, some of the features coming as part of Super Device aren't new. Multi-Screen Collaboration and tablet connection modes like Mirror Mode and Extend Mode are some of the features that are currently available. However, these features will now all fall under the Super Device bubble. The main distinguishing trait of Super Device, though, is making a Huawei PC the centre of your Huawei devices.

The new Super Device is accessible through the PC's Control Centre, with other detected devices appearing as nodes that you can drag to connect to the PC.

Certain functions on connected devices will be available to users. Huawei Smartphones act as an external storage device with files on the phone accessible on PC, and up to three mobile apps can be opened on PC through Multi-Screen Collaboration. MatePads share the same external storage function, and in addition, supports the three pre-existing connection modes:

  • Mirror Mode, which mirrors the PC's display on the tablet, with M-Pencil support
  • Extend Mode, where the tablet acts as a second monitor
  • Collaborate Mode, where the tablet and PC share the same keyboard and mouse while retaining their own interfaces

Huawei Super Device supports also extends to displays like the MateView and Vision for extra displays, with the latter supporting Mirror Mode and Extend Mode.

Finally, Huawei assured in its stream that past notebook models, though it didn't specify which, will support Super Device, through an update to its PC Manager app (specifically an update to version 12.0.2) that's available now.

Speaking of Smart Office, it's the company's new label focused on enhancing product connectivity. Super Device comes along with other features, including Pop-up Pairing for wireless Huawei devices like printers and earbuds, and an integrated Huawei Mobile App Engine on PC to bring mobile apps to Huawei laptops. On a macro scale, Smart Office is part of Seamless AI Life, the company's five-10 year strategy of which Smart Office is one of the scenarios.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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