Hydragun: A pro-level massage gun that's also a shiok machine for non-athletes

For professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, a massage gun should be a familiar device. They’re basically power drill-looking portable gizmos that provide rapid bursts of targeted pressure into one’s muscle tissue, increasing blood flow to a specific area which can help reduce muscle tension and aching sensations.

High-end massage guns — like the celebrity-endorsed ones from Theragun — can get pretty expensive, though. One Singapore-based fitness tech startup called Hydragun, however, wants the sports recovery tool in the hands of more people by essentially making the devices a wee bit more affordable (at $399) without losing the muscle-punching power. So far, they’ve got the likes of legendary footballer Fandi Ahmad, ONE Championship MMA fighter Jeff Chan as well as many other fitness and sports personalities attesting to the Hydragun’s good vibrations.

But what if the closest thing to a daily workout consists of walking back and forth from your office table to the water cooler? In the latest episode of Unwrapped, our two not-so-fit hosts Le En and Jarvis get their hands on a Hydragun to test out just how gratifying it feels for anyone to use. Massage gun? More like shiok machine. Check out what they’ve got to say about it. 


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