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'I'm the b**** you know': Xiaxue addresses mistake of making tweet that garnered police reports

'I'm the b**** you know': Xiaxue addresses mistake of making tweet that garnered police reports
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/meWATCH

It’s been weeks since Wendy Cheng — popularly known by her moniker Xiaxue — was cleared by the police over some controversial tweets she made years ago. 

Nonetheless, the veteran social media influencer is still dealing with the aftermath of having been reported to the authorities for racially offensive tweets that appear to have been targeted at foreign workers in Singapore. 

Xiaxue addressed the issue once again in an Instagram Story shared on Sunday (Sept 27), when she reminisced over an interview earlier this year with local TV host Quan Yi Fong. 

In it, she reaffirmed her no-holds-barred candidness, stating how her entire career had been summed up in a Mandarin expression: “Baochi chuxin”, which roughly means staying true to oneself from the start. 

“You may know me as a b****. But I’m the b**** you know,” Xiaxue wrote. “Think about all the other b****es out there pretending to be good people when they are not.” 

She also admitted that the tweet she made in 2010 had been a “mistake”. The tweet, which has since been deleted, said: “Coz they molest people and f*** our maids and leer at girls and flood Little India!! Yeah I’m stereotyping, but f*** u if u say its not true”. 

A police report against Xiaxue was lodged on July 6 this year. “I feel threatened by her because she is trying to stir up anti-Indian sentiments,” the police report read. “This is a clear falsehood and she is clearly trying to say that construction workers are natural criminals.” 

In response to the police report, the blogger had clarified that she made the tweet as she had been sexually assaulted repeatedly by “members of this group”. The police stated on Sept 17 that no further action would be taken against Xiaxue after the Attorney-General’s Chambers advised that “the elements of an offence have not been established beyond a reasonable doubt”. 

The police report was made as part of a boycott campaign against Xiaxue, who sparked anger after her criticism of Workers’ Party MP Raeesah Khan during the General Election. 

“People tried so hard to dig up s*** about me… but all they managed to find is a decade old tweet where I slipped up and let my emotions get better of me,” she wrote on Instagram.

“One mistake in 17 years of writing. Who hasn’t said anything wrong in 17 years of their life?”

As Coconuts Singapore found out, Xiaxue remains locked in a legal battle against an individual known as Elouise, who is believed to have promoted the boycott campaign against the blogger. The hashtag #PunishXiaxue briefly hit the top trending spot on Twitter in Singapore and resulted in her losing brand sponsorships.

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