Instagram breakout star on reading oversized books on trains: 'I want to have this magic power too!'

PHOTO: Instagram/womanwithbooks

Making Singaporeans laugh is no joke. 

So, when Instagram user @womanwithbooks became viral for her comically oversized book titles and her star-shaped sunglasses while commuting on trains, it proves that maybe we aren't as serious as we thought we were. 

The 28-year-old digital creator told AsiaOne that she decided to do this "social experiment" to simply spread good cheer. 

"You know, it's Covid-19 and we all need some humour to brighten our days," she added. Her account has grown to almost 1500 in under a month. 

The inspiration behind her wacky yet relatable titles? Observing millennial's daily conversations on dating and work, she said.  

1. How to find a crazy rich husband  

Of course, for some, this was not their cup of tea. It received a few negative comments, particularly from male netizens. 

"I got comments like 'she has to look at her face first before finding a rich one' from guys and 'I need that book' from girls," she said.

Yet she remains unfazed. "This is not a movement and I'm not against anything," she said nonchalantly. "It's just for fun. So why not?"

2. How to hide your insanity

For this book cover, she felt that it struck a chord with many netizens caught up in the daily rush. 

"In this modern world, we all have hidden emotions, and I decided to throw the question back to the audience," she added – some netizens agreed with the straight-to-your-face title. 

These titles have a hilarious local twist on modern culture which range from financial advice to useful survival tips (check 'How to survive your nosey relatives this CNY'). 

3. How to transfer money from my mind to my bank? 

So far, this remains the most popular with netizens sharing this the most according to her. And some even asked her if they could have the book.

Don't worry, you're not alone. She herself would love to have a copy of the book. She said: "I want to have this magic power too!"

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She said that she wanted to address feelings millennials have that they normally don't share with each other, in a humorous way.

She may simply be our up-and-coming sensation this year, but her insistence on not revealing her identity comes more from a place of humility.

"I'm just one of the million people out there trying to make our lovely island a better and positive place," she said. 

"If the books made people smile, then that's enough for me," she added.