Instagram launches #GramFam online zine for teens struggling with school-related stress

PHOTO: Instagram/@calmzone

In an effort to help teens who are struggling with mental health and #examstress in school, Instagram has created an online magazine called #GramFam.

While the campaign is based in the UK, this is an issue that affects kids all over the world; after all, Singapore doesn’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to depressed youth and suicide.

Arguably Facebook’s favourite child at the moment, Instagram noted that the #examstress hashtag had surged by a whopping 640% between March and May 2018. The social media platform partnered with the Campaign Against Living Miserably (Calm), and The Mix, a digital charity, to shine a spotlight on school-related anxiety. Calm focuses on addressing male suicide, while The Mix uses social media channels to spread awareness and useful information on mental health to people under 25.

At the moment, #GramFam offers advice from popular celebs like actress Jameela Jamil (The Good Place), who has been an outspoken advocate of body positivity. On Wednesday, the digital zine held a live event with influencers speaking on anxiety and stress, which they showcased on Instagram Stories. Probably one of the more meaningful uses of social media we’ve seen in recent times, besides the dystopian gig economy trend of crowdfunding and requesting donations.

Unfortunately, #GramFam is also a popular hashtag for Instagram users to post fan content for their respective fandom communities (hello, Beyoncé fans), so students who are interested in the zine’s content should head to @themixuk or @calmzone on Instagram. (The owner of the actual @gramfam handle is a normal dude with a private account.)