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Jabra's new Evolve2 and Speak2 devices are optimised for hybrid work

Jabra's new Evolve2 and Speak2 devices are optimised for hybrid work
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Jabra has updated its range of Evolve headsets and Speak speakerphones.

The Jabra Evolve series has expanded with Evolve2 65 Flex and Evolve2 mid-range headsets, Evolve2 50 and Evolve2 55. At the same time, the Speak line-up of professional speakerphones has been extended with Jabra Speak2 75, Speak2 55 and Speak2 40.

The new Evolve2 headsets empower users to take calls and meetings from anywhere with optimised sound for both professional use and music, making it unnecessary to switch headsets during breaks.

The Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex sports a unique fold-and-go design, featuring a collapsible hinged headband, slimmed-down earcups, and a short, hide-away boom arm. A powerful chipset, combined with an advanced digital algorithm and beamforming Jabra ClearVoice microphones, makes it easier for users can be sure to be heard clearly, even in loud locations. To suppress noise, the Evolve2 65 Flex uses a hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) circuit to get the job done.

The Evolve2 55 and Evolve2 50 (corded) are instead equipped with a regular ANC built around a unique acoustic chamber design, 28mm custom speakers, and a specially designed chipset that controls two premium noise-cancelling microphones and powers the headset’s speech-separating capabilities.

Meanwhile, the new Speak2 range of speakers is engineered to go beyond standard speakerphone performance with full duplex audio. The Jabra Speak2 75 is a veritable boardroom in your pocket–it has a large, 65mm full-range speaker and a unique microphone quality indicator that provides visual cues in the form of a 360-degree light ring. It also has the longest microphone pickup range of 2.5m, and the longest battery life as well, with up to 32 hours of wireless battery life.

The Speak2 55 and Speak2 40 (wired) are equipped with a smaller 50mm speaker.  The 55 is the wireless version and has a battery rated for 12 hours of battery life. The pickup range is slightly shorter–up to 2.3m–but shouldn’t be much of an issue for small rooms. Both speakers are designed to be portable and come with a built-in USB cable that has both A and C connectors attached for your convenience.

All products in the Evolve2 and Speak2 ranges are certified for all leading virtual meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom, and will go on sale in April 2023.

Prices are as follows:

  • Evolve2 50 – Mono $298, Stereo $314
  • Evolve2 55 – Mono $408, Stereo $424, Mono with stand $487, Stereo with stand $502
  • Evolve2 65 – $518, $612 with wireless charger
  • Speak2 40 – $263
  • Speak2 55 – $294
  • Speak2 75 – $573, $604 with Link 380

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