Japanese automated gadget cooks your cup noodles so you don't have to

Cup ramen may not be the healthiest nourishment around (even that's an understatement), but it certainly is a staple dish deeply rooted in our lives. It's a familiar friend whenever you're feeling down, lazy, or just peckish during the wee hours of the morning.

With this convenience-driven tech dystopia, many of us value a greater need for convenience due to our busy lifestyles, especially when it comes to our culinary repertoire. Even when it involves something as quick and brainless as cooking instant noodles. 

Thanks to Thanko, a Japan-based company, you can now cook your cup ramen in as little as 3 minutes flat with their automated gadget: まかせ亭 (Makasetei). Well to be fair, you already can cook it manually within the same amount of time, but hey, it's the modern age — let the machines do the hard work. 

Users would first need to add in the required amount of water in the tank, based on the size of the cup ramen. They would then need to slot the cup ramen under the dispenser before setting a timer. 

"Usage is simple!

1. Add water: Add to the desired level.
​​​​​2. Set the cup ramen: Just set the cup ramen in. Once the water has been boiled, it will be poured in automatically.
3. Start: Set the timer and press the start button." PHOTO: Thanko

Thanko explained that 300ml of water will be typically sufficient, which would take 2 minutes and 15 seconds to boil. Once the water is boiled, the device would then automatically fill the cup ramen up and cook the noodles for the appropriate amount of time before alerting the user.

Regardless of the size of your cup ramen, Makasetei will still be able to cook it for you. The device is tailored to accommodate cup ramens with heights ranging from 6 to 13 centimetres, while the container has a maximum water capacity of 600ml, as per China Press.

Thanko recommends that users use the device for more than just cup ramen, as the timer on the device ranges from 30 seconds to 9 minutes. Basically, it's a sleek water boiler that looks pretty neat on your work desk. 

PHOTO: Thanko

The automated cup ramen maker is currently available on its official website for 5,980 yen (S$75).