Keen-eyed recruiter catches man lip-synching to another voice during Skype interview

PHOTO: Screengrab from Youtube/shashank mokashi

A job interview can be a daunting experience, but they're an inescapable part of modern life. Unemployment can drive people to the point where they would do anything to survive, even if it calls for fraudulent tactics.

Welp, desperate times call for desperate measures. Such was the case for this Indian man, whose identity remains unknown today.

The 2-minute-long video had been shared online back in 2017 but resurfaced on Reddit recently and went viral. The clip depicts the man, who had been applying for an IT job, mouthing poorly to words that were being uttered by someone else offscreen.

It was when he began to respond to the recruiter's follow-up question that he got called out.

“Someone else is speaking here and you are just lip-synching. I can also hear your voice, the candidate who is sitting right in front of me," said the interviewer. 

Even so, the interviewee didn't seem to be affected by it and continued to show no signs of remorse. At one point, he even became distracted and fiddled with something on his computer.

The recruiter added on that he could pick out two voices when the interviewee was supposedly "speaking". Gradually, it began to sink into him that his plan had failed — especially after the recruiter ended the interview, which was apparently for a senior-level management position. 

"In the future, I suggest you do not take [interviews] like this," the recruiter advises. 

"You have to be very formal and at least practice before taking the interview. I clearly caught you. The other guy talks, you also speak with a very low voice and synchronize your lips. Okay? I'm sorry about that. Thanks."

The original video had been taken down and uploaded again on YouTube in February this year. The reposted video has since been viewed over 140,000 times.

Some have praised the recruiter who handled it professionally, while several others were disgusted by the man's antics. Others deemed that the situation is a fairly common affair where people would search for answers on Google during Skype interviews.

As technology advances, we can only rely on time to see what other tricks interview candidates could pull out of their hats to outsmart their recruiters.