This kiasu Telegram bot hunts down food delivery promo codes and deals near you

Finally, a bot that can do all the kiasu-ing for us — we’re too busy worrying about World War 3 and our Chinese New Year haircuts, anyway. 

A Redditor with the username Inspirited recently announced on the Singapore subreddit about a handiwork: an automated service on Telegram called Kiasubot that’ll hunt for promo codes for food delivery apps. This, on top of listing a bunch of food deals available either near you (meaning you gotta allow location tracking) or islandwide. 

If you’re wondering about the bot’s profile icon — a mynah — Inspirited wrote that it was inspired by the bird’s habit of flocking to hawker centre tables to peck on leftovers. Much like how Singaporeans “flock to food deals”. Eh, fair enough. 

PHOTO: Telegram screengrab

According to the bot’s creator, the information churned out by Kiasubot is mostly scraped off the internet, though future plans could involve adding deals from more avenues like ShopBack and Burpple. 

It works pretty similarly to the SG Kiasu Foodies Telegram channel, which simply lists down discounts and promo codes without a bot. Kiasubot, on the other hand, offers a more interactive and personalised way to get food deals, and that’s probably better than wading through an entire catalogue of data to look for something to eat while you're hungry.