Korean Twitch stream devolves into a drunken, violent brawl that was broadcasted live

A lot of things — odd things — go down on Twitch. From a dude who plays Dark Souls using his feet to fish in an aquarium unknowingly battling each other on Street Fighter, it gets pretty wild out there in the world of live streaming. 

Things get pretty violent too, especially when male ego and lots of alcohol are involved. A South Korean Twitch channel received the banhammer after its streamer got into a really bloody brawl with a guest, with the entire dust-up broadcasted live. 

According to Dexerto, a channel called Jangfolk1 has been suspended since the broadcast, while the streamer’s Twitch account has been banned. The fight on Sept 27 apparently started after the streamer (the dude in the purple Twitch t-shirt) got incensed by his friend’s comments. The guest (in a blue button-up) had been mocking his friend for being a small-time streamer. 

And so they fought, with the guest getting the upper hand initially after slamming the other guy onto a table. 

The fight then moved offscreen, with the toppled microphone emitting distorted feedback and capturing the sounds of the men’s scuffle. After some time, the two men returned on screen — this time with the streamer dragging his friend by the hair. 

It then turned into a one-sided assault, with the streamer straight-up beating up his drunken and defenceless friend, showing no mercy at all. Honestly, it got pretty sickening even before the two stopped the foolishness — the streamer taking a seat and seemingly rebuking the guest, whose face was severely bloodied up. We have to warn you first, it's brutal. 

Dexerto reports that the police were called in to the residence and the wounded man received medical attention. 

According to Allkpop, the streamer tried to clarify what happened on South Korean video streaming service afreecaTV. 

“Whenever that friend drinks, he also tries to start an argument,” he explained. 

“I wanted to make up after he apologised the last time, but he started an argument again. There is already a police report and the police took pictures of the incident."