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Local esports agency Emerge launches with viral stunt by discarding people's dreams in Orchard Road

Local esports agency Emerge launches with viral stunt by discarding people's dreams in Orchard Road
PHOTO: Emerge Esports

The esports scene has been enjoying a lot of traction in recent times, so it’s little wonder that the industry continues to see an intake of new parties. Closer to home, Singapore-based professional gaming and talent management agency Emerge Esports will be joining the fray, with over 40 athletes and personalities under its stable at launch.

The team, which includes popular DOTA 2 streamer Dominik (otherwise known as “Black^)”, Singapore-based cosplayer “XIAOYUKIKO”, and 2019 SEA Games participant Robert “Oh Deer Bambi” Boon, was established this year in July with the aim to further develop the competitive gaming ecosystem.

In addition to managing esports talents, Emerge is also grooming Kingsmen, one of Singapore’s rising esports teams, in titles such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Valorant, and PUBG Mobile.

"We are excited to be part of this journey which will pave the path for many youngsters and gaming enthusiasts to pursue a career in the esports industry," says Emerge Chief Gaming Officer (CGO) and former national table tennis athlete Pang Xue Jie.

"We would like to establish an ecosystem that nurtures all budding talents in this field and not just the esports athletes."

To build up buzz for its new initiative, Emerge Esports conducted a viral marketing campaign on the streets of the Orchard shopping belt in an endeavour to remind people how personal dreams are typically crushed and thrown away in pursuit of a conventional career. Real life does have a way in preventing folks from playing video games for a living, after all.

What the team did was to mobilise ‘karang gunis’ (rag-and-bone men) to reach out to passersby, get them to write down their dreams, exchange it for $2 and literally discard those dreams in the trash. You can imagine their reactions.

Where partnerships are concerned, the company has also brought in various well-known brands in the industry, such as Red Bull, Steelseries, and gaming chair manufacturer Royale Ergonomics. Through these efforts, Emerge is looking to develop a proper collaborative infrastructure to support and nurture their talents, with plans to extend its reach across the region.

From the look of things, it seems the team will be contributing to the competitive gaming ecosystem in two ways. The first is likely to involve the traditional approach of competing in esports tournaments, while the second sees personalities live-streaming gaming content on platforms like Twitch.

It’s also nice that the Emerge has included both male and female members in their line-up, considering the male-dominated nature of esports. Welcome to the playing field, Emerge.

This article was first published in Geek Culture. Additional reporting by AsiaOne

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