Major tabletop game publisher CMON to open their first ever retail store in Singapore

PHOTO: CMON Play Singapore / Facebook

Over the past few years, board games have really exploded into the mainstream consciousness. Suddenly, dozens of your friends want in on your tabletop sessions — be it as casual as a round of The Singaporean Dream or as intense as a Pathfinder campaign. 

The more the merrier. Quenching the thirst for games is none other than board game publisher CMON, formerly known as CoolMiniOrNot. What started as a community site that hosts images of painted miniature models grew into a tabletop games company big enough to be publicly traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. So there is money in geeky pursuits, after all. 

Fans will be elated to know that the publisher behind beloved titles such as Zombicide, A Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures Game (yes, it is Game of Thrones-related) and Bloodborne: The Card Game is making an entry into the Singapore market. This Saturday, May 18, the CMON Play retail store (located at Bukit Merah’s Apex @ Henderson) is having a grand opening featuring giveaways, board game demos, and what seems to be a pretty intense auction event

Of course, board game and tabletop sessions will be held in store, which features a nifty custom-made gaming table. Good news then for Game of Thrones fans who’re being disappointed by the show — you can pursue your own ending at the store with CMON’s own book-based board game. 

With the CMON store opening here, local gamers will get direct, quicker access to some of the most highly-anticipated upcoming titles, including the God Of War card game and a full-fledged Bloodborne board game. 

Photo: CMON