Malaysian branding agency imagines what a Super Ring cosmetic line would look like

PHOTO: Facebook/PlanBe Design

The poofy, cheesy, messy, and highly addictive snack known as Super Ring holds a special place in the hearts of many Singaporeans and Malaysians. It’s pretty much the de facto nibble of our childhood days, being cheap in price and readily found.

A Malaysian branding design company, however, took the beloved snack to another aesthetic level. 

Remember how kids used to (or still do) take a piece of Super Ring and smear its cheesy powder on their lips as if it's an orange lipstick? Johor Bahru-based PlanBe Design thought it'd be cool if Super Ring got turned into a cosmetics line. 

In a series of well-designed concept images, the agency visualised what it’d be like if the cheap titbit offered lip balms, blush, and lipsticks that look like products that would fit in any Sephora store. They’re not real though, so one can only imagine what it’ll feel (and smell) like smudging one’s face with cheese dust. 

少女心爆发! 《Super Ring 化妆品系列》 如果我们的童年 Super Ring 推出了化妆品😍😍 说到票选马来西亚人童年最喜爱的零食 想必大家心目中的第一名一定是我们最熟悉不过的 Super Ring 那你又曾想过...

Posted by PlanBe Design on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

PlanBe Design’s post on Tuesday (Sept 1) has since been shared widely on Facebook to the tune of over 5,000 shares and thousands of comments. Mostly by Malaysians though, no doubt due to a certain former prime minister who loves the orange-hued crisps. 

Ok. Dua paket cukup. On the way balik Pekan ni.

Posted by Najib Razak on Saturday, August 8, 2020