Malaysian char siew restaurant shows solidarity by offering discounts to Huawei users

No more Android OS? At least there's cheap char siew.
PHOTO: TNR / Facebook

Huawei may be losing support from American companies day by day, but the Chinese tech giant should be glad to know that a small eatery in the Malaysian city of Petaling Jaya has their back. 

In solidarity with the firm that has been blacklisted by the Trump administration over spying allegations, the husband-and-wife duo behind TNR by Sean & Angie are offering a 20 percent discount off the bills of diners who are Huawei users. 

“Show your Huawei Power”, they wrote on their Instagram page about the offer that’s valid from today till Wednesday (Muslim fans of Huawei, you might have to sit this out, because the TNR’s all about the char siew pork.)

Speaking to Malay Mail, restaurant owner Angie Taweepan Chantowatha stated that she and her husband felt that the ban was unjust and unfair to consumers, who they believe “should always have a choice”. 

To date, Huawei has lost access to hardware, software and services supplied by key US tech firms Google, Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, ARM, and more. The Chinese company also had its memberships with the SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance revoked, which means that future Huawei devices can’t officially use microSD storage cards and have SD card slots, on top of not having a say in the future development of Wi-Fi tech standards. 

It’s important to note, however, that current Huawei users are still able to access all the services they’ve been enjoying prior to the ban. At least, for now. 

Rough times for Huawei, but at least its fans in Malaysia get to enjoy some discounted barbecued pork and wonton mee at TNR by Sean & Angie. 

“From the [Instagram post], customers seem to respond really well to it on Facebook and Instagram — we’ve been getting a lot of enquiries,” Angie told Malay Mail. No doubt, there’ll be a number of food photos shot on Huawei’s critically acclaimed camera phones cropping up on Instagram in the next couple of days. 

The Petaling Jaya eatery isn’t the only one using Huawei’s bad luck for some marketing clout though. A restaurant in Mexico is offering free chicken wings to diners who can show its staff their Huawei phones. 

No offers of the same sort in Singapore, unfortunately. Even worse, Huawei users can’t even offload their devices at mobile phone stores, though they can try their luck with the various telcos

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