Malaysian gamers modify GTA V to hold a virtual Malay wedding procession

PHOTO: Video screengrab

We’ve seen some pretty insane GTA V mods floating around — including equipping your character with an Iron Man suit — but this one might actually be the most jaw-dropping. 

Malaysian fans of the open-world action game managed to inject elements and assets into the city of Los Santos to allow for a virtual Malay wedding procession to take place. Why? Who knows. But the whole thing’s hilarious to those familiar with the customs. 

A clip extracted from gameplay by Malaysian live-streamer Avenged TV, aka Abe Wea, was reposted yesterday (May 17) on Facebook, where it subsequently went viral over how surreal the whole thing is. 

Role-playing as the groom, he began the procession flanked by an entourage of other characters dressed in the finest traditional Malay outfits. Similar to how it goes in real life, the groom’s entourage made their way to the bride’s wedding reception — but first has to undergo the custom of reciting a quatrain. Mind you, this is all happening in a video game that’s all about insane heists, violent shootouts, and driving stolen vehicles. 

The attention to detail continued in the wedding venue itself: an outdoor wedding canopy complete with tables and chairs for the guests as well as dais for the bride and groom. Other gamers played other roles, including photographers, a wedding planner and silat performers. 

Gta pun ada kawen2 haha 🎥Gta 5 malaysia

Posted by kini.viral on Sunday, May 17, 2020

Now that marriage solemnisations for civil and Muslim marriages in Singapore can be carried out online, perhaps holding a reception in a video game isn’t such a far-fetched idea after all. Not to mention that GTA V on PC is free to download right now from the Epic Games store so everyone can fulfil their fantasies — be it stealing diamonds or getting hitched the traditional way.